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From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 10:06:21 +1000
Subject: RE: [GZG]StargruntIIrulesquestions [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

I don't use armour shift for vehicles either; but I *do* use the d6/d8
die from DSII (if you can hit the vehicle, the cover isn't going to
the damage of anti-vehicle weapons).

As for VTOL/aircraft, I always thought, if you can draw LOS to the
in hover mode you could shoot it with anything (of course some weapons
better than others).

'Neath Southern Skies 

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> Hi,
> >1- How do you apply armor dice shift up for in cover vehicles :
> >D12x2 becoming D12x3 if vehicle hull down behind soft cover 
> by example?
> Er.... I don't think I've ever allowed a vehicle to get an 
> armour shift up in cover.
> >5- Does an hovering airplane (helico, vtol, grav etc...) 
> could be shot 
> >at by IAVR or heavy weapons?
> It makes sense to me that they should be able to be shot at.

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