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Re: [GZG] FTL Jump in Tunnyverse

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 09:18:15 -0600
Subject: Re: [GZG] FTL Jump in Tunnyverse

Of course, you can make it totally FTL-by-distance, connected node to
connected node only, or some combination of the two, the PSB is
surprisingly easy, and varied. Just look at old board games.

SPI's StarForce series assumed purely by distance, with longer jumps
greater probability of catastrophic misjumps, and this has been a fairly
common theme in other titles.

Starfire, mentioned previously concering warp points and closed
thereof, was the node-only, if you didn't want to be saddled with
generational ships.

Metagaming's Warp War tended to inbetween, as did, I think, Traveller,
the jump 'lines' or 'routes' either the fastest or precisely plotted,
therefore easier/safer. Both WW and Traveller's Imperium were both hex
boards with 'ride the lines or move one hex per turn.'

Add in variations such as distance-rated jump drives, jump 'gates' which
act as being-made nodes, how long between jumps, and you may have most
the games AND sci-fi on the shelves. That is, aside from the 'distance
meaningless' wave-of-the-magic wand you sometimes see.

Oh, and I don't think this has been firmly established in Tuffleyverse,
though it has been extrapolated from clues.


Winchell the VERY wise wrote on 12/25/2005 08:57:29 AM:

> wrote:
> > I also found the great map.. http://www.projectrho.
> com/ft/FTLinkMap.gif
> > which shows how far systems are apart.  and system I
> thought would be
> > "untop of each other are much farther apart".
>    Thanks, I made the map.
>    That's why I made a "node" map, the standard 3D map
>    is too confusing.	Stars that appear to be close are
>    widely separated in altitude.
>    Things become more strategically challenging if one
>    mandates an FTL drive that can *ONLY* jump using the
>    given links.  Then certain stars become choke points
>    where pitched battles occur.

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