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Re: [GZG] [SG] IAVRs

From: Adrian <adrian@s...>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 01:36:30 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] [SG] IAVRs

> > That leaves movement. It's not realistic that a squad leader orders
> > fire teams to move but has to remain stationary because he ran out
> > actions, particularly in a 3 to 5 minute turn. So I came up with a
> > rule that a squad leader could move with one of his fire teams for
> > free, but I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
>Either move with a team for free, or at the cost of one of his
>actions.  Example of the latter:  Sgt Murphy activates Team A with his
>first action.	Team A fires, then moves.  Sgt Murphy moves with the
>team as his (and its) second action. Not happy about that, because
>what if he wants Team A to move/move instead of fire/move? He couldn't
>keep up. It looks like "free move with the team" is the way to
>go...but should his movement detract from his ability to give orders?
>Gropos, any opinions?

My problem with this is something I mentioned in a previous email - I
you end up with too many actions and command-reactivations.

With a "normal" breakdown in a SG platoon, you might have something like

Platoon HQ
Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3

And each of those elements would get 2 actions.   So, each squad could
2 actions, and then the HQ could  transfer its two actions to reactivate

squads.  That would mean you get up to 10 total actions worth of stuff 
(moving or shooting) happening within the platoon.

If you had a platoon structured into fireteams, treat the fireteams as 
separate little units and allow the squad leaders to transfer actions as

well as the platoon leader, then you end up with a structure like this:

Platoon HQ

Squad 1 Leader
Squad 1 Team A
Squad 1 Team B

Squad 2 Leader
Squad 2 Team A
Squad 2 Team B

Squad 2 Leader
Squad 2 Team A
Squad 2 Team B

Is each of these a separate element?  If so, and if the fire teams are 
treated as separate from the squad leaders, then you have 20 actions 
possible before any reactivations (10 elements in the platoon, 2 actions

each).	But when you add in reactivations, the number of actions

Squad 1 would have 2 actions for team A, 2 actions for team B and then 2

actions for the squad leader who could transfer his actions to A and B
reactivate them.  So Squad 1 would have 8 actions worth of
(if you allow the squad leader to move for free with one of the squads, 
then he doesn't have to blow actions to keep up and you get them all
taken as moving or shooting).  Then what happens when the platoon
takes his two actions?	Can he reactivate the Squad 1 leader, who can 
reactivate his teams again.  If so, the two teams would get 2 more
each for another 4 total in the squad.

That means you'll be getting something like 32 actions worth of shooting

and moving out of the platoon.

This is, in effect, using a company + platoon level of command, with
little tiny platoons (where each platoon is a leader and two fire

For a platoon-size game (where you have, say, 36 figures per side),
have waaayyyy too many actions happening and each game turn will take a 
LONG time to work out.

Adrian Johnson 

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