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Re: [GZG] Small thought re: Orbital Assault

From: Carlos Lourenco <loscon@g...>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 14:41:46 -0500
Subject: Re: [GZG] Small thought re: Orbital Assault

Gzg-l mailing list US Army the
terms "motorized" and "tank" are kind of mutually exclusive.
One means  a tank and nothing else, the other means a unit conveyed on a
wheeled vehicle. There's no motorized tank platoon, it's either a tank
platoon or a motorized platoon.  A tank platoon could have traded in
M1s for M114s and still eb called a tank platoon just like an engineer
platoon could be driving supplies around town and still be called an eng
platoon not a transport platoon.  And while we're at it "mechanized
tracked status. Probably some mis-reading, or partial reading or partial
retelling of some larger issue is at work here.

Now the Ops sgt could be monkeying around w/ powerpoint briefings and it
could pass through an occisaion HQ not no one notices of cares. During
wartime much decentralization fo OB and equipment and personnel  occur
Divs on down, as forces monkey around with their particular situation to
make the best out of it, doens't mean it's some kind of official DOD
sanctioned. One week after 911 we were completely rewriting large tracts
doctrine to fit our needs in theater,  doesn't mean it stuck back in teh
but it's how we operated ourselves.

WIth regard to MREs they're not bad, has good as anything most other
use (having tried most menus myself in my day) they're constantly
the menus, though eating ANYTHING (even KC BBQ) out of a bag day in and
out  will convince you it sucks, plus the grass always being greener and
whatnot. Don't forget to run all GI comments through a bitch filter
trying to analyze a statements for sea changes.


On 11/30/05, Robert Makowsky <> wrote:
> There are people who would complain about the food if
> their mother was along on the cruise making it for
> them and then there are folks who will eat what is in
> front of them without comment.  Overall we remember
> the grouches because they are louder.
> Bob Makowsky
> --- Roger Books <> wrote:
> > Is the food really that bad?  When I was in the Navy
> > I heard people complain
> > at the #1rated mess hall inConUS.  They had a
> > professional chef who was a
> > naturalized citizen who enlisted to "do his part."
> > I couldn't believe the
> > complaints about truly outstanding food.  Shipboard
> > I heard people complain
> > about the Alaskan king crab legs we had at a holiday
> > meal.
> >
> > I realize the Navy probably eats better than the
> > ground forces, but after
> > the grousing I heard I wonder if the only way the
> > military could make people
> > happy is to bring people's mothers along.
> >
> > Roger Books
> >
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