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Re: [GZG] Small thought re: Orbital Assault

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Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 12:37:01 EST
Subject: Re: [GZG] Small thought re: Orbital Assault

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Much of this depends on weapons doesn't it?  I can't count the	number
military sci-fi stories where air power has been written out of the 
Glenn:	 Every grunts dream since Twilight 2000...
  Hammers Slammers and the Bolo books come to mind.  
Glenn: Nice  presupposition.  For the treadheads that would be good but
the  Tuffleyverse I suspect it's not likely.  I think I'd go for some
nice Air  
to Mud movers even before VTOL myself.	Arty, AFVs, Infantry, 
Aerospace, even VTOL - they all have a place in the combined arms  team.

One big planetary defense weapon in a city could make Ortillery useless. 

Glenn:	Perhaps.

As for your low-tech high-tech comparison the combat technology in  the
universe hasn't progressed all that much.  I can see the tech  edge
insignificant.	OTH the training edge is going to be  huge.  I don't
know about you 
but I would place my money on a modern	special forces unit with WWII 
weaponry over militia with the latest and  greatest. 
Roger Books

I think that is relative to missions of the two organizations,	size and

relative tech/training.
A Platoon of Modern SF forces could harass the heck out of a  division
well trained/combat experienced (say last 5  years) troops like a
combined arms 
Militia/Reserve/National Guard/etc. in	the 'wilds' but deny a city to
Block a road/pass/river crossing for a period of time?	Yes,  at risk of

disintegrating the unit defending.  Hold it for a week?   Highly
Meet them in a 'meeting engagement' (not terribly common in real  life
war game favorite scenario for many) type battle?  I would hope  not for
Platoon's sake.
And in game terms, I would hope that a	larger Low tech "Blue and Green"
tracked force with Arty, VTOL and  Aerospace support (much less Vacuum
support) would brush  the "Orange or even Red" level Platoon aside in
static.  No matter how fast your Grav vehicles are they can't outrun  
aerospace so bring an AA "edge" if the invaders bring anything even 
(Warthogs anyone?) to the table.
Just IMO.


Glenn  "warbeads"

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