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Fw: [GZG] FMA Skirmish Scenario - special rules for comment

From: "Rodney Stott" <rodstott@a...>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 21:28:23 +1000
Subject: Fw: [GZG] FMA Skirmish Scenario - special rules for comment

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From: "martin connell" <>
>I think I would go with adults as soft cover and children provide no
> Besides the grizzly aspect of things, soft cover is generally things
> bushes that make it hard to target, hard cover are things like stone
> that make it hard to penetrate. I think adults would make you hard to
> target, but not much deterent to a high power rifle. Children would
> block clear targeting and don't reduce penetration much. Unless of
> they were carrying a child, put I would think they would be slow
> for being encumbered and reduced targeting ability due to hands not
> free.

I have set the chances to be low, as the result of the cover die has to
both firers roles (quality and firepower), and is not really designed to
Cover as such, but the chance of the shot going astray when firing into
crowd of people, even if you know your target.
Using the hard and soft cover die was just a way of representing that,
cover, but an accidental shooting.

> The other aspect to consider is where you are running the game. If you
> trying to promote SG/FMA and are in a semi-public place like a game
> do you really want peripheral people to perceive SG/FMA as the game
> kills children/uses them for cover? It's just bad PR. Probably less of
> problem if you are playing in someones house, but even then, do you
> someone to overhear post game conversation "I was playing FMA and was 
> using
> this kid for cover until he was accidently shot when someone tried to
> me". Maybe I'm being an old softy here, but too many people still 
> associate
> D&D with demon worship and pinheads getting lost in the MIT steam
> To the rest of the world miniature gamers are lumped in with that
> mess
> (I know because I tried to get a hobby shop I frequented to carry game

> stuff
> and was told they would not carry miniature game stuff - they do the 
> devils
> work - NO JOKE!).

The game is being held at my place (no one sells SG locally, can't play
where the local warhammer games are played because the shop wont allow
they do not sell to be played there), but since the Warhammer games are
haitus until after christmas (and they have room for the tables again),
have offered my carport up for some people to game and they are willing
try different games, full thrust and FMAS among the first.

> The whole hostage-terrorist-whatever is a hot enough topic these days,
> putting kids in harms way just seems to be asking for trouble and put 
> in a bad light..
> This is not to say my dark side won't file away your rules for use in
> game
> with CLOSE friends and eagerly read your AAR.

Will have to borrow a digital camera take photos of the minatures and
game as it progresses
Never thought on doing an AAR, just wanted to get some opions on the
special rules applicable for the scenario...

> Let me get my asbestos skivvies on.. wait... uugh.. ok, they're on...
> can all start flaming me now!
> Regards,
> Martin "Nervous Nelly" Connell

Rodney Stott
Cairns Australia 

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