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[GZG] FMA Skirmish Scenario - special rules for comment

From: "Rodney Stott" <rodstott@a...>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 14:41:20 +1000
Subject: [GZG] FMA Skirmish Scenario - special rules for comment

I have started to convert some local warhammer players over to playing 
stargrunt, full thrust and the like, and have started doing some FMAS
using the July 1999 version of the FMAS rules.

This weekend I plan to do the first proper scenario, using some newely 
acquired mimatures from Eureka.

The scenario will be a group of terrorists have taken over the local 
shopping center/mall and a counter terrorist squad is going in to rescue
many of the hostages as possible (covered by the local media of course).

I am in the process of making a modular shopping center for the game,
currently painting the terrorists and hostages up (7 terrorists, and 14 
hostages) for the game, however, I felt some special rules were required
the scenario which I have typed up.

Can anyone give me their comment on these special rules?

Hostages at the Mall Scenario Special Rules



Terrorists may have wired up several entrances, or doors with booby

Each booby trap counts as a fixed grenade for effect

Grenade/Bomb Booby Trap:

Close Range 2" FP D10

Medium Range 4" FP D8

Long Range 6" FP D6

All miniatures within LOS to the device will be affected

(probably going to allow D4 - 2D4 booby traps maxiumum)

Terrorist Concealment

Terrorists and their hostages are not placed on the board to begin with,

only letter counters representing each hostage or terrorist. The
player has to note which letter represents which terrorist.

Terrorists are only revealed when they make an offensive action, or to 
transfer actions (movement does not count), or when they are

If a revealed terrorist manages to get out of line of sight with any 
hostages then they can go automatically back into hiding (replace the 
miniatures of the terrorist and any hostages with letter counters

Herding Hostages

Each Terrorist can use 1 action to ride herd on their hostages to make

The Terrorist and their hostages will move as if encumbered (6")

Terrorists do not count as being Isolated

Counter Terrorist Squad

EOD Tech Specialists

Up to two members may have bomb disposal training and may attempt to
booby traps.

The skill level in EOD is as follows

Roll Quality Die for each EOD team member to determine their EOD Skill:

1-2 :	  Green (D6)

3-5:	  Blue (D8)

6+:	  Orange (D10)

EOD can be performed by any other squad member at Yellow (D4)

EOD Disarming

Roll Skill Die Vs Quality Die of the person who placed the device, high


Critical Failure for disarming: the device goes off

Failure: the device is still alive, and the EOD tech needs to try again

Success: the device is disarmed

Spotting Terrorists

The terrorists and their hostages are mixed together, and the Counter 
Terrorists Team has to be able to identify the terrorists before opening

fire and risking the possibility of injuring civilian hostages.

To do this they have to make a Spotting Check:

Roll Quality Die vs the die type closes to the number of minatures * 2

IE. A Regular trooper is trying to identify a terrorist among 4 possible

targets, he would roll his D8 vs the targets D8 (4 potential targets x 2
8, closes type is D8 going up).

If the spotting roll is at least twice the task difficulty roll then the

spotting roll does not use up an action, otherwise an action is used.

If no spotting action has been performed then the firer must nominate a 
letter marker to be shot at. Only after the shot has been done and any 
hits/wounds allocated should the victim of the shot be revealed.


Those on overwatch may use their overwatch action to Spot as well as
potential targets. Only if their spotting roll is twice the task
roll will the trooper be able shoot.

Those using reaction fire cannot spot.

Special Equipment:

Flash Bangs/Stun Grenades

Treat as normal grenades for throwing purposes.

Effect is as follows

Close Range 2" FP D10

Medium Range 4" FP D8

Long Range 6" FP D6

(range is from where the grenades lands).

Anyone wounded will receive a single suppression counter instead of

Anyone receiving a Kill result will receive two suppression counters
of being killed (This is the exception to the maximum single suppression


Non Lethal Rounds

The squad can be equipped with non lethal rounds:

For treating casualties see the table below

Wounded - D6

Killed - roll D6+1

1-2 - return after field treatment

3-5 - will survive but out of the game

6-7 - killed

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