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[GZG] Re: Re: Hello List and some ruminations on FTL

From: David Billinghurst <davebill@c...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 21:20:49 +1200
Subject: [GZG] Re: Re: Hello List and some ruminations on FTL

Hi All,

Thanks for the very useful and thought provoking replies.  I've added
thoughts and comments below:

> From: Frits Kuijlman <>
> It is some time since I did anything with the background of the
> VRC/URC, but here is the cartography:
> It is basically a string of systems going into the depths of space.
> When I put this background together the requirements I used were
> either a usefull system with possibly habitable planets, or a stopover
> system (ltt 11585) to bridge really long travel distances. The maximum
> acceptable jump distance I used was about 7LY as you can see from the
> table.

Thanks for the link, Frits.  I like the background work you've done on
VRC.  It makes sense that the VRC would be looking for
worlds as they need the population base, particularly if they're
about a possible cataclasym on Earth.

Given that the Tuffleyverse is currently in it's 3rd major war (and that
some considerable duration), I would expect that other powers would also
thinking seriously about major settlement programmes.  There are two
problems with mass resettlement that I can think of.  1) how to shift
population (number of hulls) and 2) what to do with them when they first
arrive on the new world.

Peter Hamilton is a writer who has most recently, to my knowledge,
considered this second problem in 'The Reality Dysfunction'.  An
human colonization programme dumps city-bred newbies on a frontier world
where they're expected to do physical labour (the horror!) and work for
their food.  Of course things go horribly wrong (well, who wants to read
story where they live happily ever after in some bucolic Garden of Eden?
Boring! :) ), though for other reasons.  I seem to recall Jerry
Falkenburg (sp?) saga started in a similar fashion with all the poor
being shipped off Earth so the nice people could have some elbow room

For a serious look at how interstellar colonies might be established,
Duncan Lunan's 'Man and the Stars'.

A thought on VRC space (Fritsspace? :) ), you mention that VRC also has
mining operations in (some?) neighboring systems and I notice that there
several stars fairly close to your 'jump' link.  I would suggest that
is little hindering (except perhaps cost) VRC putting stations, similar
those in CJ Cherryh's Union/Alliance stories, into likely systems as
for mining operations.	The advantages are that the stations can either
built modular with material FTLed in, or boosted in at sub-light speeds
is supposed to plan far ahead - send in the exploritory miners to survey
system for the mining/processing plant that will arrive in 5 to 10 years
sub-light.  When the station arrives, the best lodes will already be
surveyed and the 300 mass station will fire up and begin producing a
almost before it's drives are cold).

>From a game point of view, there could be both FT and SG scenarios
protecting miners/prospectors, the mining station, itself, and what
about a
fleet encounter in the deep dark when someone stumbles across the
boodling along at a high fraction of C?



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