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Re: [GZG] Potential new weapon

From: DOCAgren@a...
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 19:54:13 EDT
Subject: Re: [GZG] Potential new weapon

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> I have notice that one "weapon" that has proved lethal in various
> (both FT and FTJava)  but isn't in the rules as such is a "FTL
missile".  I'm 
> sure many of us have suffered the humiliation of FTL'ing a damaged
vessel from 
> the middle of our fleet to find out that it was an unwise idea.

Well, I've gone 1 step worse, when doing a FTL jump into Combat, due to 
"Campaign" issues the "reserve were late".   So instead of hurting my

my Preploted Jump point for the reserve Battleship which I hit almost 
perfect, ended up in the middle of a Enemy taskforce, I think there was
6 or 7 
ships....    I did some damage, ripped a few thur 1 or 2 Threshold, yet
battleship died under the surviving fire..   :-(   Late in same game, I
lost a Scout, 
who was running with battle intel to Command, when a enemy Destroyer
swung in 
while I was Jumping out...

that being said I'm not sure how under FT rules a FTL Missile would work
I can prepose this,
Turn before Missile launch. preplot emergence point
Missile Launch takes place as normal, Missile go 6mu before FTL, spend a
in FTL and arrive during Missile launch phase 1 Turn later, come out 6mu
target point and glides to point.
FTL jumppoiny and arrival displacement wave limited to 1mu..

Damage to target within the arrival displacement wave pre FTL rules, and
target ship 2-12 points+damage for being within the arrival wave..

Drawback, these missile, need perfect firing solutions (best for hitting

fixed targets), as they have no "independant" targeting system, as I see
no way 
sensors can come online fast enough, post FTL.	 PDS, will also be hard
to hit 
these, as they just appear out of nowhere (ie no advanced tracking)
needs a 6 
to hit min...

Wgt: 2	   Cost 10

Have a Good One,
DOC Agren
     (Lurker on the Digest)

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