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Re: [GZG] My tank is this big

From: Samuel Penn <sam@g...>
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 16:07:47 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] My tank is this big

On Sunday 24 July 2005 15:33, John Atkinson wrote:
> On 7/24/05, Samuel Penn <> wrote:
> > The rebel hover tanks are closer to being finished than the NSL
> > forces which still need a lot of work.
> Rebel:  Does the Adder have a fixed forward RFAC?  If so, why?

It's size 2, 2x infantry = 8 capacity, leaving only 2 for the
weapon system. RFAC/1 takes up 3 if turreted, so it won't fit.

> Python:  Also fixed forward RFAC?

Ditto, no room for a turreted weapon plus it's a VTOL and it's
not allowed to use a turret for anything bigger than class 1.

> Check p11 for the limits on fixed forward weapon systems.  They have a
> 30 degree fire arc, and may only fire before movement.  This means you
> better have them pointed precisely where they need to be pointed on
> the activation prior.  This gives your enemy an entire turn to move
> out of the way or kill them before they can fire.

Yep, but see above. Actually, I forgot that it was quite that bad,
which almost suggests getting rid of the weapons entirely, or at
least downgrading the RFAC on the Python to RFAC/1 and sticking
it in a turret.

> Further comments are purely my opinion, as always METT-T determines.
> You seriously need ECM on the tanks.	GMSs are the most lethal thing
> on the battlefield against armor and as posted those are raw meat
> against a force armed even with GMS/L/Basics.  It's cheaper than the
> PDS system you've already hung on the DFFG-armed track.

I haven't really played Dirtside, so it's practical things like
this I'm not aware of yet :-) ECM also has the advantage of not
taking up capacity.

> Pz XII -- save 110 points.  Drop the two superior GMS/Hs, and upgrade
> the MDC to superior fire control.  That makes it superior to the GMS
> at all range bands, with the added benefit that it can't be spoofed by
> ECM or shot down by PDS.  Only stealth helps, and stealth is
> expensive.  Use the extra space for APFCs or a PDS.  I'm also pretty
> sure the points cost is low but I havn't doublechecked.

Several of the NSL got upgraded from size 4 to size 5 this morning,
and I haven't had a chance to re-cost the points - that was probably
one of them.

Are there any advantages to the GMS?

Something that always confused me about the GMS is that it's listed
as a direct fire weapon, and everything in the rules implies it can
only hit a target in direct line of sight. However, the name to me
- *Guided* Missile System - suggests it should be able to at least fire
over obstacles.

Which is right? Given my reading of the rules, it's pretty much just
another type of gun (which can be shot down).

> For the APC:	It looks like you are mixing powered and line infantry
> in the same platoon.	You loose the advantage of the higher speed of
> the power armor.  You also make it more vulnerable because it will
> take confidence checks as the more vulnerable line teams take
> casualties.

Can't a unit of APCs drop off line and powered infantry and have each
go off their own way? That's sort of what I was assuming. Given a unit
of three APCs, that would give a unit of 3 line infantry, and a unit
of three powered infantry.

> You light tanks needs ECM, as mentioned above.

I'll look into making more use of ECM, especially since my idea for
the Rebels is for large numbers of GMS/L equipped infantry (I'm putting
together two armies so we can actually start playing the game and
finding out how it really works, so it'll be NSL v Rebels).

Thanks for the comments.

Be seeing you,				  ---------------------------
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