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Re: Re: [DS] Fleet book for Dirtside II

From: "Andreas Udby" <javelin98@l...>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 08:11:10 -0800
Subject: Re: Re: [DS] Fleet book for Dirtside II

I would *love* to be involved in that project!	And with three or four
vehicle generators available on the web, it wouldn't be too difficult
for people to scratch out some designs in short order.

I think the generic-vs.-specific argument is one that might catch us up
a bit, though.	Like someone else mentioned, all the Dirtside/Future
Wars minis are labeled only as to what they are, not which faction of
the Tuffleyverse they belong to.  Still, it would be fun to do up stats
for them and fill in the fluff later.

If anyone needs a vehicle generator, here's the one that I built up from
Aron Clark's excellent Excel design:

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> Subject: [DS] Fleet book for Dirtside II
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> > I know what I'm about to say may be 
> > sacrelage, but has GZG considered making a 
> > book for Dirtside II that is analogous to the 
> > Fleet Books of Full Thrust?
> I'm sure someone else will tell you that it's a 
> "long time coming" so I won't say that.
> What I *will* say is that paper products are 
> pretty far down the list of things to do.  
> Makes sense though-- lead is the money maker.  
> Doesn't mean I'm happy with the situation but I 
> understand it.
> - --
> Damo

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