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RE: move and fire problem

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 09:15:10 +1000
Subject: RE: move and fire problem

> My thought is that you could move and fire at any point in that move
> 1. move a bit
> 2. fire 
> 3. move a bit more....
I personally wouldn't want to go this route due to time mainly, and in
vector it could get fiddly unless you treated each "sub-turn" in the
same way you treat a turn now, which brings you back to where you
started. Likewise if you were to get pedantic about it you would
continue to suffer the "oops flew by without a shot" problem even with a
subdivided turn. While I fully understand (and sympathise) with the
intent, just don't think it will come off all that smoothly - though I'm
happy for someone to go play it and tell me I'm wrong ;)
As to the solution being all fire at mid-point (I think I remember
seeing that comment in the thread), that's just moving the fire point
not solving the problem really - as then you get ships at midpoint with
no target in arc to fire at but they end in what would've been a great
firing location.

Maybe I'm coping out, but I've just accepted the "ended out of fire arc,
sigh" problem as a price to play for the fun simplicity of FT.



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