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Re: move and fire problem

From: Hugh Fisher <laranzu@o...>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 16:06:14 +1000
Subject: Re: move and fire problem

It's probably an old question but one that I can't seem to answer to 
my satisfaction.

Imagine the scene.

Your squadron is lined up perfectly for a "fist of death" attack on a 
crippeld SDN but your going rather faster than normal (say 50 MU).

Weapons primed, helm steady.

The squadron commander, though a good tactician, is not the worlds 
best at estimating distances over several confused turns (especially 
at this speed).

He moves, flys straight past them and when its his time to fire he 
finds all his ships out of range/arc on the far side of the target.

In reality, the situation would have been....

"wait for it, wait for it..................................FIRE!!!!!!"

and the target would have evaporated.

You have forgotten about the third dimension.

The spaceships in Full Thrust are moving in 3D, but for
simplicity we project the action onto a 2D table surface.
You can't assume that the distances and bearings on the
table are entirely accurate, just as you can't measure
sizes and angles from a perspective drawing.

Your case can be explained as the squadron having a much
higher elevation than the target SDN. So they don't fly
"though" the area around the SDN, but well "over" it
instead and can't bring weapons to bear.


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