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Re: Playtesting UN

From: Hugh Fisher <laranzu@o...>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 19:11:36 +1000
Subject: Re: Playtesting UN

Laserlight wrote:

>While we're about it...has anyone used the playtest designs for the
>Islamic Federation?
>The UN? New Israelis? OUDF?

I did some solo playtesting of UN Lake class escorts
against NSL or NAC escorts. Babylon 5 Shadows with UN
style advanced hulls and all graser armament were in
the scenario I ran at Cancon in January, which was
played three times by different people.

Suggestion #1: the draft UN ships increase the number
of grasers over time. Given this trend, plus their
modular designs, it would be natural for the Lake Mk
IV, Mountain Mk II, Bay Mk II, etc to have entirely
graser armament.

Suggestion #2, which I previously posted to the list,
is that the graser-1 is slightly, repeat only slightly,
too effective. Either the weapon mass for the 1-arc,
3-arc, and 6-arc should be increased to 3,4,5; or each
extra arc should cost +1 mass.

Graser-2 costs/mass seem right on. The graser-3 is
over priced, but that may reflect that my games are
played on non-floating tables.

Tactical advice for UN/graser armed ships: you can do
OK without thinking at all, just get in range and let
rip. If the dice are good, your opponent will be toast.
(Ask Alan Brain about flying a squadron of White Stars
in front of graser armed Shadow cruisers.)

Beyond that, you want to hold the range at 12-18 if
possible. The UN ships are generally zippy enough to
do this in the more open light vs light fights.


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