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RE: [VV] Vectorverse FTL

From: "Robertson, Brendan" <Brendan.Robertson@d...>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:48:24 +1100
Subject: RE: [VV] Vectorverse FTL

So which one to drop?
Wormhole/gate are the similar technology, but there would need to be a
of wormholes for a viable empire.

'Neath Southern Skies

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> I'm wondering if perhaps it would be better to have only two modes of
> FTL?	A lot of the interesting situations in history have arisen when
> one culture developed a new mode of transportation, and ran into
> another culture which didn't have that mode.	For instance, the Aztecs
> | Hindus | East Africans had foot travel; the Spanish | English |
> Arabs had that, but also had ships (and the tech that allowed them to
> build ships). 

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