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Re: [VV] Vectorverse FTL

From: Hugh Fisher <laranzu@o...>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 11:38:32 +1100
Subject: Re: [VV] Vectorverse FTL

>>  Having gates or fixed
>>  entrance loci lends itself to a lot of fixed defenses at those
>>  which does not make for fun games.
>Depends on how big the entrance loci are.  A gate radius of10km that
>can only accept one ship at a time would be too easy to defend.  A
>radius 1,000,000km gate would be a different story.
>The converse problem is that if you can pop in anywhere, it implies
>that you can pop out anywhere, which makes it tough to arrange a
>battle--the weaker force just evades into FTL (if, in fact, FTL lets
>you escape.  If it doesn't, that implies FTL sensors, which implies
>FTL communications, which I don't really want).  Further, it makes it
>difficult to defend fixed bases.

Combination of Babylon 5 jumpgates and Cherryh Union/Alliance
or Honor Harrington jump limits?

Jumpgates exist, and are useful because a) your ship always
arrives at exactly the right place, b) you don't have to use
your own valuable fuel/expensive to run an FTL drive, leading
to c) you can build bulk carriers or big passenger ships
which are cheaper but are like trains or civilian aircraft in
being limited to fly between well known gates.

Warships have FTL so can go anywhere, but if there's a hyper
limit due to mass of stars they can't jump in directly over
the inhabited planets or enemy fleet base. Likewise the
defending/occupying fleet can't jump out immediately.


PS: Blatant self promotion:

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