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RE: [VV] Vectorverse was Re: NAC - American style

From: Rrok Anroll <coldnovemberrain_2000@y...>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 22:19:08 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: [VV] Vectorverse was Re: NAC - American style

--- J L Hilal <> wrote:

> Whatever the PSB of how it works, I would suggest allowing the
> majority
> of travel types to transition STL/FTL at a wide variety of locations
> within a system, perhaps limited to farther than some minimum
> distance
> from gravity sources (star, planet, moon).  Having gates or fixed
> entrance loci lends itself to a lot of fixed defenses at those
> points,
> which does not make for fun games.  This can still have jumps or
> wormholes or hyperspace, just with lots of entrance points per
> system.

This also generates some interesting scenarios for jumpgates.... two
ideas I haven't really heard anyone fight over is:
1.) More advanced nation's task force is attempting to leave the
system. The flagship's FTL drive was damaged in the fighting and will
have to use the jumpgate out. However, the gate is still in control of
the owning system.
   a.) The Task Force must gain control of the jumpgate (2 rounds with
a EW cruiser within 3 inches of the gate, or 2 rounds with any ship
docked at the gate controller-station depending on your gate's control
system) and reconfigure the destination coordinates, while defending
the flagship so that it can jump out-system. Once the flagship has
left, the rest of the fleet may jump out under their own systems.
   b.) Owning system forces must prevent the flagship from leaving, all
other vessels are expendable, or... complete annihilation of the
escaping fleet.

2. A small escort group must defend a freighter convoy (or a small task
force is in retreat from a vicious battle) while the jumpgate is being
reconfigured for new destination coordinates

> Another FTL question:
> Can you FTL within a sytem, such as from plant III to planet V?

I would say no... that way we don't even have to think of someone
asking about being able to FTL from point A to Point B on the table (I
know, FT says non anyhow.. but since we're tinkering....)

Remember, even light is shaped by the darkness that surrounds it, and
the true crafters are seldom ever seen. Welcome to the shadows kid.

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