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NAC - American style [LONG] Tactical Doctrines

From: JBrewer@w... (John Brewer)
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 23:34:17 -0500
Subject: NAC - American style [LONG] Tactical Doctrines

The following is an addendum to the tactical doctrines & NAC Notes ll
pages found at the Unoffical NAC Fleet Roster... 

...when using the Americanized NAC--  

To maximize ship-killing effectiveness in the small group battleship
units, a 3-ship unit may include a "Vanguard-type" heavy ship killer

...with 2 "FB-type" battleships providing supporting fire on the flanks. 

Battleships attached to the Heavy Battle Squadrons number 2 to 4.
Depending on the mission, at least one of the 2 to 4 battleships should
be the "Howe-type" fleet defense variant... provide anti-fighter/missile support to the task force.  

In regards to the Carrier Battlegroups that include superdreadnoughts
[ie. Renown/Peru, Saratoga/Uraguay, Ranger/Paraguay];  Since fighter
capabilities are well-provided by the fleet carriers, the
superdreadnoughts Peru, Uraguay, and Paraguay are the "Valley
Forge/S-type" strike superdreadnoughts... 

...with the one fighter group from the superdreadnought being a scout
fighter group to provide forward reconnaissance to the task force.  

Since the DDH heavy attack destroyers of DestrRons 10 & 19 have limited
anti-fighter/missile defenses, these squadrons should be provided with a
CLE and/or a few escort-variant frigates.  Also, DestrRons 10 & 19 are
known as the elite "December 7th" Squadrons.  Ships in these squadrons
include the Mervyn Sharp Bennion, the Francis Charles Flaherty, the
Edwin Joseph Hill, the Herbert Charpiot Jones, the Issac Campbell Kidd,
the Thomas James Reeves, the Robert R. Scott, the Peter Tomich, the
Franklin Van Valkenburgh, the James Richard Ward, the Cassin Young, and
their crews are rated as "crack".  

Fighters consorted to the BB/V battle attack carriers will be torpedo
fighters.  The ship-killing abilities of these fighters are maximized.
The drawback is that the fighters can only make one attack run before
having to rendezvous with their carrier to re-arm for another run.  But
since the BB/V follows the fighter groups into the battle, the lag time
between attack, rendezvous, & re-arm is much shorter, making the torpedo
fighters a more effective combat system than attack fighters launched
from "hang-back" carriers.  

"Always strive to be a good person.  If you can't do that, at least
strive to be someone other than an asshole."  

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