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BSG 2003 (Long)

From: Rrok Anroll <coldnovemberrain_2000@y...>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 22:04:53 -0800 (PST)
Subject: BSG 2003 (Long)

I don't know... it's kinda of difficult to say...

The key thing I seem to notice is that everyone wants to compare it to
the old show and noone really seems to want to simply accept it as
being... "a different vision" per se... at least that's how most people
seem to voice their opinions...

I will go on a few points....

I always felt the original series was kind of like laruel & hardy in
terms of the people and the setting... They had some really nice
things.. BSG looked cool, the vipers looked cool, the cylons looked
cool, and the raiders were cool... but the storylines.. they just
always seemed kinda cheesy... I mean... bordering on offensively
campy... I mean come on... you're whole civilization gets nearly wiped
out, what survivors you do have are crammed like sardines... and you're
on the run... but hey look, here's a casino planet that we've just
happened to run into right off the bat.. yeah, let's stop for a bit and
party a little... uhhh.... yeah.

Now the new series is taking a darker, harder look at the setting...
and for the most part their doing what they want and doing it right...
what they want that is... I think they're doing a good job of a
"dramatic" take on the BSG storyline. Things are dark and grity, it's
grim, it's... dramatic... Here we have the same story, civilization
almost wiped out, the few survivors are packed like sardines (BTW...
don't know if anyone else noticed this, but a few friends tell me that
if you look closely, a good part of the fleet actually look very
similar to the original series verssels, and... that the fleet seems to
keep about the same organization as from the original series) and
they're infiltrated with bad guys... The new show seems to be spending
more time on character and plot development... which I think is great!
I would like to see some more action, but I think we'll start to see it
more as the characters are a little more defined and there's fewer
things to establish... they can focus more on dogfights and things

I will say that I'm not completely sold on the new ship... I like the
darker color scheme, and I suppose the more streamlined look is more
realistic, but there's just something cool about the detailing on the
original BSG. I also like that the vipers aren't much different from
the originals ones....
I guess my biggest gripe on the new BSG is the cylons... I'm sorry but
the old cylons just had something that doesn't loose cool with time...
the new ones are alright... but I just can't like them... even if they
were in a different film I couldn't like them... and the raiders....
sheesh... everytime I see the flashing light I keep wanting to play the
"COPS" or "Knight Rider" ringtones on my phone just so it at least
feels right, or that I can laugh.... And a friend of mine brought up a
good point tonight... you'd think that with the fighters the can move
FTL, they'd mount something other than a modified .50 cal for

Overall.. I'd say that I think I'll like it for what it is... a
dramatic treatment of a particular storyline, not a remake of an old
show... Then again... I wokr night shift... so I'm probably only gonna
get to see a few episodes... Damn Scifi channel... having to run the
SG/BSG nights during the week .... grumbles....

Remember, even light is shaped by the darkness that surrounds it, and
the true crafters are seldom ever seen. Welcome to the shadows kid.

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