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Re: FT in centimeter scale?

From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 17:42:03 +0100
Subject: Re: FT in centimeter scale?

Doug wrote:

 >>>I personally think it's a little inappropriate on 'normal' tables as
 >>>many limited range items, particularly weopens, and cinematic
 >>>manuvering, change in effect at the high velocities possible,
 >>Inappropriate? The effect of the changes you mention is to
 >>bring the short-ranged, high-powered weapons back *in line*
 >>with the longer-ranged weapons - the short-ranged ones are
 >>overpowered when there's little or no scope for manoeuvring
 >>outside their range...
 >Which is still a change from the way FT is presented in
 >examples in the book. (*shrug*)

I have never denied that there is a change; only that it would be 
"inappropriate". Like it or not, FT's longer-ranged weapon pay through
nose for their ability to fire at longer ranges - so if your table is
small to actually allow them to fire at longer ranges, they pay for 
something they don't get and thus automatically become overpriced.

 >But it doesn't address cinematic manuvering, which becomes
 >more obviously 'cinematic' the larger-to-MU the area you
 >play, and therefore still feels yet more inaccurate to me.
 >Recall the arguments of long ago about 'multi-thousand' MU
 >velocities and how FT manuvering was worthless because it
 >broke down at that level, and you'll recall I don't want to
 >talk about it anymore.

True. But Mikko left the list long ago <g>

 >Not sure that 'in line' doesn't have a blandness to it,

"In line" has nothing whatsoever to do with "blandness".

"In line" only means that the short-ranged weapons won't outgun the 
longer-ranged ones by moving in to point-blank range, since the table is

large enough that the longer-ranged weapons are actually able to use
farther range bands more than just very occasionally.

"Bland" OTOH means that the game plays the same no matter what designs
use - ie., basically that you have to use the same tactics no matter
your ships are armed with. Since longer-ranged weapons need to use quite

different tactics than short-ranged ones need in order to be effective,
since larger tables gives them much more scope for actually using these 
different tactics than small tables do, my experience is that you get 
*less* blandness (ie., *more* variation in both designs and tactics)  on

larger tables than you get on smaller tables.



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