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Re: FT in centimeter scale?

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 12:20:24 -0600
Subject: Re: FT in centimeter scale?

>I personally think it's a little inappropriate on 'normal' tables as
>limited range items,
>particularly weopens, and cinematic manuvering, change in effect at the
>high velocities possible,

Inappropriate? The effect of the changes you mention is to bring the
short-ranged, high-powered weapons back *in line* with the longer-ranged
weapons - the short-ranged ones are overpowered when there's little or
scope for manoeuvring outside their range...

Which is still a change from the way FT is presented in examples in the
book. (*shrug*)

But it doesn't address cinematic manuvering, which becomes more
'cinematic' the larger-to-MU the area you play, and therefore still
yet more inaccurate to me. Recall the arguments of long ago about
'multi-thousand' MU velocities and how FT manuvering was worthless
it broke down at that level, and you'll recall I don't want to talk
it anymore.

Not sure that 'in line' doesn't have a blandness to it, but I accept
this is more philosophic than metric, especially with FT's claim at
generic-ality, and some persons' strict interpretation of point values.
I will keep the 'personally' and drop the 'inappropriate' for you to
replace anyway you wish.


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