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Re: FT in centimeter scale?

From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 18:09:53 +0100
Subject: Re: FT in centimeter scale?

Mark Drake wrote:

>Am looking to try playing FT in cm scale--what pitfalls do I need to
>out for when using centimeters??

* Distance between ships. With normal hex bases two ships in
contact are now roughly 3mu apart instead of roughly 1mu, so if you used
fly in tight ADFC phalanxes they may turn out to be somewhat less tight

* Acceleration is different. If your ships are moving as long absolute 
on-table distances as they use to do in inch scale, their speed in
is now 2.5 times higher - which means that it'll take you 2.5 times
to slow them down.

* Don't trust your eye-ball estimates of weapon ranges etc. - what used
be close range (12") is suddenly the farthest P-torp range band (30cm). 
This also affects missiles and plasma bolts.

All in all

Doug wrote:

>I personally think it's a little inappropriate on 'normal' tables as
>limited range items,
>particularly weopens, and cinematic manuvering, change in effect at the

>high velocities possible,

Inappropriate? The effect of the changes you mention is to bring the 
short-ranged, high-powered weapons back *in line* with the longer-ranged

weapons - the short-ranged ones are overpowered when there's little or
scope for manoeuvring outside their range...



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