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Re: FT-Banzai ships

From: Charles Lee <xarcht@y...>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 11:47:23 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: FT-Banzai ships

Kravak defence weapons would carry over like B1/ PDF since they came out
and the game designers forgot people use them. The salvo missles were
supposed to simply missle use, but the long range and smart targetting
use keeps it alive in 54 MU's choice.  Had in the new system used MT
missles the kravak weapons would have been better discribed against
House rules generally lead the designers because of prefferences.

Oerjan Ohlson <> wrote:
Charles Lee wrote:

>MT Missles can be set at Size selector (15 , 150 , 150 Mass and bigger)

This is a house rule. According to the published rules in MT the MT 
missiles can choose any one target within 6mu (ie., not just the nearest

one); the proposed HMs need to attack the nearest target but can use
secondary moves to make sure that the nearest target is the one they
to attack.

>So BJ will only work if they can hit the MT missles first ...

BJs are no use at all against MTMs/HMs.

>oh it takes a 6 on a six sided die to kill it, by any defence system.

That's another house rule. According to the published rules, the *only* 
systems that require a '6' to hit MT missiles are the old FT2 PDAF and
- and very few players use them any more. PDS hit MT missiles on 4+, B1s

and K1s on 5+, and each Scatterguns and Interceptor pods kill one MT 
missile automatically (since they can't roll less than '1' on 1D6).



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