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Re: [FH] Breaking News - Alien voices

From: Doug Evans <devans@n...>
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 06:56:16 -0600
Subject: Re: [FH] Breaking News - Alien voices

The latter (in my view) are not so much benevolent and decadent as
Extremely Scary. The Phalons may kill you. The Kra'Vak may eat you. But
only the SaVasku will *change* you. For your own good, of course. I'd
like to keep them as enigmatic as possible.

I always found them hopeful, but realized that was my commie-pinko
peace/brotherhood hippy liberalism coming to the fore. I'd even say
that we can't be sure we understand what they think our 'good' is, or
even if we have common references for 'good'.

What they TELL us is part of the process of 'adjusting' us...

Phalons - let's just say that my take on the Phalons is that they're
even more sociologically fractured than Humans. Factions in the
Conglomerate differ rather more radically from each other than the NSL
or ESU, or even Ayn Rand Objectivists and Maoist Collectivists. They're
  more like Freudians vs Jungians, or Creationists vs Evolutionists.
They have different world-views, and will interpret the same event
totally differently.

Didn't you get the feeling they are what the Ferengi were supposed to
before they became the butt of all galactic jokes?  I thought the image
the universe's robber barons, even without the noveau rich opulence and
guilt, was very intriguing.

Common features:
They're usually in it for the money.

Yeah, like that, only alien. ;->=


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