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Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

From: Donald Hosford <Hosford.Donald@a...>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 04:34:35 -0500
Subject: Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

When I first got into FT, I showed my friend the timeline in the book.	
The two of us are "amature" history buffs.
We are always discussing our own versions of history.  After a bit, we 
came to the conculsion that the timeline as is, "In Our Humble Opinion" 

(Ie: it was missing some detail to support events and make things happen

that way.  Its important -- to us -- to show the "pivot points".  The 
places were history pivots from what we know or can figure out.  As it 
sits, the timeline dosen't show why the american general was doing what 
he was doing.)

If you check the archives (I forget how far back...), Beth came up with 
a neat short fix that works nicely.
It was something like:
    Mass terrist attacks (both nukes and bio) on most of  the US, caused

a massive breakdown of the economy, and so the American general was the 
sole remaining government structure.  His action was asking for a 
"rescue" operation....

At least I think that was it....Go check the archives...

Anyone who knows Star Trek history, knows that nations like the US no 
longer exist on Kirk's Earth.
In some of the episodes Kirk has to explain what the US was...Kirk is 
mentioned as being a reader of history.
The crazy wars fought by Khan and his bretherin, distroyed 4/5s of the 
planet.  With so much distroyed, the idea of a workable "federation" was


I still think your timeline is very interesting also.  Jon Tuffley is 
always trying to get players to make their own historys instead of only 
the "official history".  I would like to see more developments.

Donald Hosford

John Brewer wrote:

>I have two problems with the NAC as written up by Jon Tuffley - The
>rather confusing nomenclature of the ships as presented in FB1, and the
>future history which has the collapse of the US and the re-emergance of
>the British Empire.  I don't disparage the dream of a return to the
>of colonial glory, and the idea of the US falling into a chaotic
>distopia is, to say the least, pragmatically amusing to some Brits, but
>it does come to seem a little insulting to American players, as well as
>somewhat less than believable, considering that our economy continues
>grow, thanks to immigration - legal & otherwise - from South & Central
>America.  Besides, that sci-fi convention has been done to death since
>the late 70's.  It has also inspired many trivial debates on the List
>concerning American title peerage and whether or not the British
>military could put down an insurgency in America, let alone a potental
>insurgency in every country in the Western Hemisphere south of the 49th
>So for the American players of FT, and any Brits interested, allow me
>postulate an alternate future history of the NAC for Y.O.U. [Your Own
>Universe] as a date addendum to the background history on pages 42-43
>the rule book 2nd edition...
>(timeline stuff snipped)

>"Always strive to be a good person.  If you can't do that, at least
>strive to be someone other than an asshole."  

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