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Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

From: Rrok Anroll <coldnovemberrain_2000@y...>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 21:46:03 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

In response... I'd just like to say



--- Edward Lipsett <> wrote:

> A stack of paper on my desk right now - which I am making a serious
> effort
> to ignore - is all about VHDL, which is an abbreviation for VHSIC
> Hardware
> Description Language. VHSIC itself is an abbreviation for Very High
> Speed
> Integrated Circuit.
> Personally I prefer recursive acronyms like (for example):
> The GNU Hurd project is named with a mutually-recursive acronym:
> "Hurd"
> stands for "Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons," and "Hird" stands for
> "Hurd of
> Interfaces Representing Depth."
> or the classic GNU, which stands for "GNU's Not Unix!"

Remember, even light is shaped by the darkness that surrounds it, and
the true crafters are seldom ever seen. Welcome to the shadows kid.

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