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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 05:57:16 EST
Subject: thoughts on Re: NAC - American style [LONG]

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I have two problems with the NAC as written up by  Jon Tuffley - The
rather confusing nomenclature of the ships as presented in  FB1, and the
future history which has the collapse of the US and the  re-emergance of
the British Empire.  I don't disparage the dream of a  return to the
of colonial glory, and the idea of the US falling into a  chaotic
distopia is, to say the least, pragmatically amusing to some Brits,  but
it does come to seem a little insulting to American players, as well  as
somewhat less than believable, considering that our economy continues 
grow, thanks to immigration - legal & otherwise - from South &	Central
America.  Besides, that sci-fi convention has been done to death  since
the late 70's.	It has also inspired many trivial debates on the  List
concerning American title peerage and whether or not the  British
military could put down an insurgency in America, let alone a  potental
insurgency in every country in the Western Hemisphere south of the  49th

So for the American players of FT, and any Brits  interested, allow me
postulate an alternate future history of the NAC for  Y.O.U. [Your Own
Universe] as a date addendum to the background history on  pages 42-43
the rule book 2nd edition...

<snip a well developed alternative>

There have been several 'USA-centric' models discussed before.	 Perhaps
has just slipped my mind/attention span but has anyone wrote an 
when the USA AND Canada divide up, sectional groupings occur and  parts
of the 
Canada and USA join UK to make the variant NAC, and the rest of the 
(and Mexico/parts of Central America) makes up several smaller 
To balance this one would possibly have to adjust the ESU  slightly I

Right now you have a pyramid of power categories of  nation (first tier 
NAC/ESU, second tier NSL/FSE, and various wider 'steps'  as you proceed
down the 
ziggurat shaped 'power pyramid.')  By fracturing  the NAC and the ESU
you create a setting more akin to the number of  'world powers' found in
or 1914...


Glenn  "warbeads"

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