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Re: [OT] Web Hosting?

From: "Robin Fitton" <contactrobin@h...>
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 20:00:08 -0000
Subject: Re: [OT] Web Hosting?

Hi Allan,

I use web power plus for the	web site.  It 
supports all the database, forum and gallery systems I use to publish my

site.	 Robert Yates is my support/sales contact and he has provided 
excellent service, answering all my dumb questions.  Worth dropping him
note for those finer detailed questions that are difficult to answer
just looking at the sales web pages. - . They
do a 
range of packages starting out really cheap and you can pay via paypal 
subscription, which I find handy because you can cancel it instantly if
web host gets into trouble.

I also run off the same space and the
host names are all being handled well by the name servers at Webpower.

Webpower moved me from Westlin Hosting who filled for bankruptcy, but
to tell the customers until I found out that my server space was just 
humming away in an empty building. I had no response for support when my

site kept bouncing.


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Subject: [OT] Web Hosting?

> On 4 Jan 2005 at 23:00, The GZG Digest wrote:
>> From: Brian Burger <>
>> Now I'm actually paying money for webspace, but not much and it's so 
>> worth
>> it. My own domain & customer support that actually supports the
> Can Brian, or anyone else, recommend a web host? My web site (which
> supports SG2 and Pig Tickler; I took down the FT stuff) is with AT&T.
> have plenty of space and it's worked well for me, but I'm hoping to
> broadband sometime this year, after we find out whether my wife will
> a job in the next few months.
> When that happens, I'll have to leave AT&T. I'm looking for a place to
> host my web site, at least until I get my own web server up and
> I would like DNS management, if possible, so that the URL shows my
> name ahead of the page name, instead of what's happening now. (Right
> "" translates to "/".)
> If you can recommend a web host, please drop me a message off line.
> Thank you!
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