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Re: Figs

From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 23:00:07 +0100
Subject: Re: Figs

Thomas Westbrook wrote:

>If you want to do modular kit bashing, maybe Jon at GZG will start 
>offering bits like the other Evil Empire. . . Jon hint hint .

"Start"? "Hint hint"?

I take it you haven't actually *tried* ordering individual bits from
since if you had you would've known that Jon already does sell
bits. Has done so for several years, even. They're not explicitly listed
the catalogue, but giving the catalogue number for the complete model
and a 
description of the particular bit you want (eg., "the central gun/bridge

piece of the FT407A (Ko'Tek Strike Cruiser)", or whatever) is quite 
sufficient to let Jon identify it.

Rrok Anroll wrote:

>... and it's not that I normally mind the price or the shipping...
>me, I'm quite fond of the prices and shipping normally experienced... I

>was just looking to see if I could save the normal difference

I doubt that. Even when GeoHex were in operation and carried GZG stuff,
was usually cheaper for US customers to order directly from GZG whenever

they could (which wasn't very often, since Jon referred them back to
whenever possible).



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