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Re: Figs

From: Rrok Anroll <coldnovemberrain_2000@y...>
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 09:42:07 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Re: Figs

CH did have some the last time I was there, but I've never seen any ORC
stuff.... and it's not that I normally mind the price or the shipping...
believe me, I'm quite fond of the prices and shipping normally
experienced... I was just looking to see if I could save the normal
difference cause I intend to do a little kitbashing and I didn't have
the normal amount of financial freedom I'm used to having... almost a
year later and I'm still recovering from the 'Great Wench
Experiment'.... As it is, I've actually found some of what I need for

Laserlight <> wrote:Rrok Anroll said (in Evil HTML
>Just out of curiousity... does anyone know of anyone selling any of
GZG's minis here in the US?

Just order direct from GZG. Your credit card will do the currency
conversion automatically and you'll usually get your order in a week
or so.

Or you can call Campaign Headquarters in Norfolk and see if they still
carry FT minis.

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