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Re: NI stuff

From: "Star Ranger" <dean@s...>
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 23:07:32 -0600
Subject: Re: NI stuff

> One question:  does anyone know what the icons next to the carrier
(the row
> of 6 boxes) are supposed to represent?  I haven't seen them before,
but my
> guess is to keep track of you're fighters.  Lemme' know if I'm on the

Steve, I'm pretty sure you are correct.  Even though a d6 next to the
works, they tend to get knocked over so a set of 6 boxes is a nice way
keep track of fighters.

In the SSDs I have been doing lately, I actually have 2 sets of 6 boxes
each fighter group, 1 for the number of fighters and the other for
which is very helpful if you are using the proposed new fighter rules -
anyone play those lately?  I haven't seen any comments on them for a

Dean Gundberg

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