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Re: Got back from GENCON

From: Scott Siebold <gamers@a...>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:26:05 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Got back from GENCON

>> My game were "reviewed"
>> by the GENCON gamming committee and was allowed to
>> be put on at the convention. 

>Is this something new? When I was running games at
>GenCon for Geo-Hex and GZG we never had anything

I think you answered yourself. As a dealer sponsered
game you didn't have to go through the "review"
>When did you submit your game to GenCon? Was it in
>the pre-reg  book?
Very early and yes. At one time I tried to put on at
least one game a year and it was at GENCON. I switched
over to Little Wars after the above listed incident.

>> To add insult to injury
>> I had to pay to get in and it took two months
>> GENCON payed me back my entry fee.
>Okay, so this wasn't this year I take it? Did you
> try to get reimbursed at the convention? That's how
>we always did it.
I guess I just followed the instructions included in
the judges instructions book.

>Considering how easy it would be for historical game
>conventions to be overrun by "The Games Workshop 

I suggest you go to Historicon or Little Wars web site
and make a count of the number of games. I have no
problem with GW putting on games because one thing I
learned was that people over time will try new things
as long as they have a choice. GW will in its own
time go the same route as TSR or SPI (it will grow up
and expand or die).

The year that GENCON had anti war protesters picketing
they were invited in. After there protest sort of
fizzled it was called off and some of the protesters
stayed. I'm not sure but the next year the game
Chicago Chicago (game about the 1968 riots at the
Chicago Democratic convention) came out and I suspect
that some of the ex protesters may have expanded
their interest.

> the fact that while you get sci-fi games at the big
> conventions and at sci-fi conventions while 
> there are precious few historical cons

As I pointed out the war is over and the gamers won.
When you push people out you do not get bigger but
smaller. Get exclusive enough and one day you may end
up with a convention of one.


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