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RE: Got back from GENCON

From: "Dean Gundberg" <Dean.Gundberg@n...>
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 10:54:56 -0500
Subject: RE: Got back from GENCON

> Got back from GENCON and it was interesting.

I got back on Monday but I'm still recovering from the con and the 14
drive home.

> The owners of GENCON were making every effort at a
> profit with convention passes going at $70 for four
> days or $27 per day and event tickets going for
> between $1.50 to up to $13.50. Many of the lectures
> and tha anime theater were free.

Pretty much the same prices as in past years though the passes have gone
a bit.	Registration was a lot smoother than last year.  The worst
I heard of was for getting generic tickets until they finally realized
didn't need to issue them to a specific person, just make lots of copies
sell them.

> I got over to Mongoose publishing and purchased two
> victory class Destroyers (Excaliber) and the
> new rules "A Call to Arms". The ships were of a good
> quality and detail. The rules were designed for
> fleet actions and were much simpler then the Babylon
> 5 or fleet action rules.

I got these too.  The movement rules and special actions in this game
VERY similar to Battlefleet Gothic.  Combat is different.  They list
for most of the ships in the series, but I have a few problems with what
they did (the size of the Primus is small, Drazi ships are real big and
Warbird Cruiser is bigger and more capabile than the Sunhawk

> I hit the miniatures are but no FT gameres were going
> on at the time. I hadn't planning on playing in any
> games but I was hoping to see some of the
> People-of-the-Digest.

We were there but we did take a few breaks ;-)
I ran 2 FT demo games Thursday night, a couple FT games of Sci-Fi
on Friday (control sheets should be posted on my website this weekend),
a FT Xeno War game on Saturday with the Kra'Vak taking on UNSC and ORC
fleets.  In addition there were some more FT demo games on Friday and
Saturday, a couple Dirtside games on Thursday and Saturday, and a
game on Saturday.
The minis area was crowded with mostly the same games as in the past,
Red Shirts running lots of Silent Death along with  Injurious Games
products.  Privateer had a large section for Warmachine.  Attack Vector
being played and demo'ed the whole time and always had people playing.
There were more historical games being run than I remember ever beeing
including some massive 15mm tank games and even a few Napoleonics.

Dean Gundberg

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