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Re: Got back from GENCON

From: Scott Siebold <gamers@a...>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 16:23:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Got back from GENCON

Subject: Re: Got back from GENCON
>Having lost mine, a friend just gave me another of
the >yellow 'I found  the miniatures room at GenCon
> buttons. And, each year thereafter, 
>said, 'wait til next year.'
I was one of the inital members of HMGS midwest.

I had games with figures and terrain that took
of hours to paint. I playtested my game at local game
stores and ironed out all of the bugs and problems in
the game before the convention. My game were
by the GENCON gamming committee and was allowed to be
put on at the convention. I then got pushed into some
small room at GENCON where only the people playing in
the game could see my work. To add insult to injury
I had to pay to get in and it took two months before
GENCON payed me back my entry fee.

HMGS unfortunately went the other way. I was only able
to put on a SciFi game at Little Wars because it was
identified as future history. On the east coast my
game would have been burned at the stake (only
HISTORICAL games allowed). Fortunetly the war
of the words (HISTORICAL vs Fantisy) has ended and
all HMGS conventions allow fantast or SciFi games.

>I saw the Excalibur at Origins, and hope to be
getting >one soon

There were no limits placed on how many could be
purchased and there were at least six on the shelf
when I left to go home on Friday. Would have offered
to purchase for others but I expected sales limits
and didn't make the offer. They were being sold for
$25 and I saw them going for $50+ (one got sold for
$100+) on Ebay, oh well.


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