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Re: [OT] Castings weight Re: Plastic 'flight stands'

From: Tony Francis <tony@b...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:33:31 +0100
Subject: Re: [OT] Castings weight Re: Plastic 'flight stands'

There's a new market - 'Brigade Models' branded refrigerated storage 
boxes  :-)

Seriously, keeping them out of direct sunlight would be a good move - 
when I was a kid I had some Lego I left on the back seat of a car which 
was deformed, so it's not just our stuff that's vulnerable. The boot 
(sorry, 'trunk') would be stuffy but your models won't mind (spaceships 
have aircon after all :-) ). Models will warp in sunlight because 
they'll be heated unevenly - one side is superheated, the other in 
shade. Keeping them in the shade would alleviate this to some degree.

You could always put them in a cool box (an Eskie for you, Alan ;-) ) or

one of these cheap in-car fridges powered from the cigarette lighter 
which are in massive surplus in the shops over here (especially England 
football branded ones !).


Alan and Carmel Brain wrote:

>From: "Doug Evans" <>
>>However, you haven't mentioned one problem admittedly more prevelant
>>in the colonies than there in near-northern Europe: hot car syndrome!
>I have quite a few interestingly deformed bits of kit due to this.
>Many irreplaceable.
>In summer in Australia, it's not unknown for the inside of cars to
>temperatures of 70C (160F) within an hour. At least, I once had a
>thermometer that I left inside the car, and that was the temperature it
>when it melted.
>Leaving dogs, toddlers etc in cars in the car park in summer, even for
>minutes, has led to all too many tragedies. :-(
>Trouble is, if you just leave your plastic stuff on the back seat, and
>on a hot summer's day, it can get badly warped just by direct sunlight.
>what happened to my gear. UV also causes some clear plastic to get very
>as I've found out when picking up a stand, and having it distintegrate
into many 
>pieces in my hand.

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