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Re: [OT] Castings weight Re: Plastic 'flight stands'

From: Tony Francis <tony@b...>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 12:19:49 +0100
Subject: Re: [OT] Castings weight Re: Plastic 'flight stands'

Yep, the difference in weight is very significant - our metal Pommerania

SDN was also hollow, but still weighed a great deal. The resin version 
(with a few metal parts) weighs an awful lot less - maybe a quarter of 
the weight in a polyurethane resin. It also now has fewer parts (resin 
hull plus 5 metal pieces as opposed to metal hull with 8 pieces) because

the hull can be cast in one solid piece. One problem that this has 
thrown up is that the CoG of the model has changed so the location of 
the mounting hole isn't right anymore (the metal parts are all at the 
back so it has a tendency to overbalance backwards). Casting quality is 
better because our current (soon to be replaced) kit doesn't cope well 
with large, heavy castings. We've done the same with with several other 
models (Chinese DN has gone from 8 metal parts to one resin plus 3 
metal, EuroFed BB from 6 metal to one resin plus 3 metal and so on). 
Switching our 15mm models from metal to resin was the biggest gain, the 
casting quality is much improved and the masters are so much easier to 
make since I no longer have to worry about making multi-part masters 
that fit together neatly with hidden joins, etc. The resin is also 
slightly cheaper so we've been able to hold off increasing their prices 
as we have had to with some of the metal models. The only downside is 
that the moulds have a shorter life, although since our sales aren't up 
with the full-time guys this hasn't been a major issue.

Doug Evans wrote:

>One of the reasons we've switched some of our larger models to resin -
>weighs next to nothing compared to the metal versions (and the castings
>are better too !)
>Do you really find that much difference in weight, Tony?
>A really big item like the NSL SDN, which is cast in semi-hollow pieces
>metal would tend to be cast in solid in resin. For a fairly flat item,
>which would tend to be moulded solid anyway, yes, I can see it could be
>Casting are better too...
>Hmm, don't know enough to comment.

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