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Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 16:05:14 +0200
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> Completely OT with this but help is needed, and hopefully someone on
> the list knows the answer to these questions,
> WW1 era Dreadnoughts and cruisers have submerged torpedo tubes. A
> typical arrangement (according to my copy of Janes 1919) is one in the
> bow, one in the stern and one on each broadside. My questions  are: 
> 1) In what direction did the broadside tubes point? Did they point
> forwards, backwards or to the sides?
> 2)Additionally, what were the reload times on these tubes?
> 3) What was the effective range, with the appropiate speed setting, of
> torpedoes in WW1?

According to , in the
battle of Jutland the Germans launched their torpedos at ranges of 8 to
9 1/2 Km.

On "Old" Japanese WWII types have
ranges from  7 to 20 Km, depending on type and speed settings. These can
be taken as an upper limit on WWI performance, I should think.

Karl Heinz

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