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[SG] Armed bananas

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 09:57:00 +1000
Subject: [SG] Armed bananas


I have a question for the parents (particularly Aussie parents) in the
audience. Over the last few years our kids have consumed enough
cheesestiks in their school lunches that it not only throws my ability
to give them nutritious food into doubt but we have a LARGE number of
bananas-in-pyjamas figures, enough for a decent SG force as it turns
out. We're getting some Eureka Teddys to oppose them (and even picking
up a fantasy Ratman figure to be Rat-In-The-Hat).

So the big question is what do you think Bananas would be armed with SG
wise? I thought they'd be close combat only but Lachlan and Janneke
disagree so I thought I would see advice further afield ;)

Oh and we thought the Bananas in Spacesuits would work well as PA ;)



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