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Engineers Was Re: TOE

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:46:11 +1000
Subject: Engineers Was Re: TOE


A sort of new topic from Brian.



Hi Beth!

I've been going over the rules for Engineering Equipment in DS, and they
seem pretty sketchy.
Whlie there are costs in place, and rules for their use, there aren't
rules for capacity, except for Minelayers.  I thought I'd try my hand at

Bridging Equipment:
Capacity: (Maximum Class of vehicle the bridge can support) x 4

Excavation Equipment:
Capacity: 8

Capacity: 2
This allows a vehicle to engage in the demolition of targets as per the
engineering rules in the book.
Essentially this is to simulate a set of robotic arms, small RC drones,
for the placement of the charges.

I was going to design a Demolition gun -- low velocity, high explosive
but realized that for clearing structures and obstacles, the game rules
the DFFG into a highly effective Breaching Gun.

Other support equipment:
Recovery & Repair

Obviously, the rules cover the amount of capacity to carry a vehicle. 
what about that required to load a disabled
vehicle onto the transporter, or to tow it behind?  I'm toying with 3 x
(vehicle class being recovered) for winch/crane gear
and 5 x (vehicle class being recovered) to tow it behind.

<Note from Beth: Based on the towed artillery rules wouldn't you just
pay for the towing vehicle and say it can tow something up to equal

A field repair module should be a fixed capacity amount, probably 8.

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