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Re: New and Improved Website

From: John Atkinson <johnmatkinson@y...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 07:16:51 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: New and Improved Website

--- Oerjan Ohlson <> wrote:

OK, I think I fixed everything on the fleet page.

Maybe I should do up a little graphic as the "OO Seal
of Approval", the next best thing to an official
endorsement, and add it to the page.  :)

Also added the Tagmatic elements of the Army.  The
rest is coming slowly.	Once I get the
meat-and-potatos of the game stats edited and
transferred to the new format along with rewritten
fluff text, then I start writing the new background

Would there be any interest in a doctrine page?  More
for DSII&SGII than Full Thrust--I don't pretend to any
special competence in Full Thrust (as is likely for RL
space combat, it is best left to computers and people
who think like computers).  It would include links to
"In Character" writeups I've done on various Stargrunt
organizations floating around the web.	It will be a
good bit of work and I don't want to mess with it if
there ain't no demand.


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