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Re: New and Improved Website

From: John Atkinson <johnmatkinson@y...>
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 07:41:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: New and Improved Website

--- Jared Hilal <> wrote:
> I think any attempt at control of an Armenian
> population by muslims,
> and particularly fundamentalists like Wahhabis,
> would result in instant
> insurrection.

Which did, was handled brutally, and that's why the
locals are largely loyal Romans now.

> and
> Q: Would the NRE have gathered up refugee Christians
> other than Copts;
> such as Chaldeans, Melkites, Meronites, Syriac,
> etc.?  How about

OK, the Syriac churches are included in the compromise
worked out with the Monophysites.  I hadn't thought
about the Nestorians--with them it will be far more
difficult to reach any agreement.

> Byzantine Catholics, who follow Byzantine rights
> rather than Latin but
> are Catholic?

Uniates. . . well, we would have pulled them out of
the IFed, but they would have either moved on to the
FSE or returned to Orthodoxy.  I don't see having a
pro-Papal minority being encouraged to settle on our
planets.  Ever.


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