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FMA Skirmish and convention

From: "Randy W. Wolfmeyer" <rwwolfme@a...>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 11:23:45 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: FMA Skirmish and convention

Hey everyone, an announcement and then a quick question for those in the

I'm planning on running a game using FMA Skirmish (the old beta rules
way back when) at the Milwaukee Gamefest
( in a couple
weeks (July 9-11).  My game will be about 2pm on Friday, July 9th if
anyone is around and would like to join in.  I'm going to be playing on
the castle I made
last year.

The setup is that the evil dictator of some backwater planet rules with
iron fist.  One of the greater powers (in this case NSL, because that's
figures I've got) has decided to overthrow the tyrant for the good of
oppressed people (sure), and has sent a small assault force to dispose
the dictator while he sleeps in his castle on a cliff by the ocean.  The
dictator however, has been in league with various corporate forces who
have sent additional firepower to insure the dictator will not be taken
captive and spill the beans about their little arrangement.  To
things further, the U.N.S.C. caught wind of the operation and has sent a
team to capture the dictator to ensure a fair trial (and block the
ambitions of both the corporation and greater power).

I ran this game last year, but only with my friends, but it took some
interesting turns.  I'd really like to play with some other people this
time around, especially anyone from the list.

Okay, the questions: What is the current status on FMA Skirmish?  Does
look like it will be a real game anytime in the near future?  Is that
it's going to be called?

When I list the event, I want to make sure people aren't afraid to try
because they haven't heard of the rules before.  I really like the
skirmish rules, better than anything else I've seen for this kind of
and I'd love to help sell more copies of it, if there were copies of it
sell.  Any suggestions on how to list the event to get more people

Are there any hints from the playtesters to help make the game work
better?  I've been playing it with 5 players with 6-8 figures per

Randy Wolfmeyer
Dept. of Physics
Washington University

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