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Re: mixing technology force in Dirtside

From: <warbeads@j...>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 05:16:02 -0500
Subject: Re: mixing technology force in Dirtside

On Tue, 15 Jun 2004 20:33:38 -0700 (PDT) John Atkinson
<> writes:
>Are the SLAM tanks that useful?  I took one look at
>'em in the rulebook and said "Nope."  Are they that
>effective?  What role do you use them in? <snip>

In role as support of the infantry units, they can be used to hit
MICVs/APCs at 36" or less during run in to assault thus reducing 
harassing light guns/GMS-L weaponry.  But most useful is at 12" or less
as the infantry prepares to bail out and move to assault is that ability
to pick a spot (APSWs, key points in the position) and put  * 1 chit per
weapon class * on units you want destroyed or suppressed or at least
morale effected prior to assault.  As effective as Artillery?  No.  An
Adjunct? Yes.  One set of 3 or 4 per force fielded is adequate if you
 attacking a defender/fixed position.  That is where mixed units (3 APCs
plus an attached SLAM-5 assault vehicle) would be useful; Side effects
are that firing at vehicles supporting dismounted infantry within 1 or 2
inches is the possibility of hitting the vehicle and the infantry
you get the satisfaction of hitting the APC and the disembarked GMS/L
crew. One reason to support Infantry, APSW, or GMS/L dismounts from 2
Inches away in fixed positions is reducing effectiveness of SLAM fire
against your position.)

That said, I prefer them on VTOL/dedicated strike AERO.  A GMS/H (for
anti-armor role  out to 48 inches in a VTOL or AERO (or replaced by a
in AERO Possibly) paired with a SLAM-3 [fixed = 6 capacity] in a VTOL or
AERO for multi-role fire make a nice size class 2 strike unit. 

Of course the occasional HEL-3 (60 inch harassment of vehicular units -
nice if the dice are hot, 36 inch harassment of infantry - you might get
lucky and take out the APSW, GMS/L or PA unit) fixed plus GMS/H or DFO
an AERO is useful in disrupting the psyche of some commanders too.  Or
a class size 4 AERO (double all that weaponry - 2 x HEL-3 fixed and a
GMS-H and a DFO for example) you get a unit that distracts or
some commanders nicely too. Or a VTOL with HEL-3 Fixed and a (SLAM-3 or
GMS-H) can be used in the same way too.  Not lots of them but a pair is

Just a	small piece of the puzzle.

Of course in dense terrain (Hills, Jungle with tracks/trails, etc.) they
can be useful at harassing those expensive MDC armed AFVs too.


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