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Re: I give up

From: Oerjan Ohlson <oerjan.ohlson@t...>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 21:18:32 +0200
Subject: Re: I give up

IIRC it was Dean who wrote:

>>OK, using the info from your other post, the BB Steve has 14 6arc
>>for a total of 56 mass.  The BB Issuc has 8 Scatterguns, 4 K1 guns and
>>K6 guns, for a total of 44 mass, 78.5% of the BB Steve. With the mass 
>>difference and the lower thrust giving him more weapons.

However, keep in mind that Steve's weapons were 6-arc whereas nearly 
two-thirds of Glen's weapon Mass consisted of 1-arc weapons. Steve paid
lot of extra Mass for all those fire arcs, so the difference in weapon
wasn't quite as significant as it could've been with other weapon

OTOH, Steve's weapons were all screen-degradable whereas Glen's were 
screen-skipping ones, and neither of them had any screens... so the
Glen spent on screen-skipping ability for his weapons were wasted.

Glen wrote:

>I didn't fire the class-1 rail guns at Steve's  BB as it was wasting 
>shots.  The class-6s would pretty much ignore his ship's massive armor

Um... according to your previous posts, that "massive armour belt"
the battle consisting of 6 armour boxes, and had already lost some boxes

prior to the salvo we're discussing here. If the escort had 3 armour
left, you've made it sound very much as if the BB would've had no more
this to less than to stop the K1s with...



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