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Re: (FT) beta variable hull rows

From: "Star Ranger" <dean@s...>
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 11:28:20 -0500
Subject: Re: (FT) beta variable hull rows

> > >How can you say this?  The 3-row hull ship will have the same
> number
> > >of hull boxes as the 4-row hull ship
> >
> > No, it will not. As Dean already explained, if each HULL ROW on both
> ships
> > has the same number of boxes then the ship with 4 hull rows will by
> > definition have *more* hull boxes than the ship with 3 hull rows -
> > one-third more, to be exact.
> >
> Hmm, trying to weed out the point I want to argue but instead I'll
> summarize.  Essentially, others have said that a ship with 4x 18-hull
> boxes per row is better than a 3x 18-hull boxes per row.  Well,
> duh.	That's not what I'm getting at.  You're really comparing
> two different ships, that just happen to have the same weapons
> and drives platform.
> What Steve has done is take his ships that had 4 rows of hull
> boxes and converts them to the exact same design with only
> 3 rows of hull boxes so that the 4th row's hull boxes are now
> spread among among rows 1, 2, and 3, thus improving upon the
> ship's capability to withstand the critical threshold check damage.
> They did not become easier to kill, in fact, much harder.

What we are trying to say is that you can't just look at the increase in
cost going from a 4-row hull to a 3-row hull on the same ship by itself.
You have to compare other situations to balance the costs or someone
will find the hole.

Lets start with a few points we can agree on:

1) BB Steve3 (3 rows, 18/18/18) is more powerful than BB Steve4 (4 rows,
2) BB SmartSteve (4 rows 18/18/18/18) is more powerful than BB Steve3 (3
rows, 18/18/18)
3) BB SmartSteve (4 rows 18/18/18/18) is more powerful than BB Steve4 (4
rows, 14/14/13/13)

Based on those points, relative power of ships SHOULD go in the
order, lowest to highest:
BB Steve4 (4 rows, 14/14/13/13)
BB Steve4 (3 rows, 18/18/18)
BB SmartSteve (4 rows 18/18/18/18)

Any questions?

Now lets add the points in, current 3 rows at 3 points listed first then
Glen's proposal of 4 points per hull

683  683  BB Steve4 (4 rows, 14/14/13/13)
737  792  BB Steve3 (3 rows, 18/18/18)
758  758  BB SmartSteve (4 rows 18/18/18/18)

As you can see, current costs have the ships in the same order and the
Steve3 is closer to Smartsteve than it is to Steve4.
By increasing the cost of a 3 row hull to 4 per box, Steve3 now has a
point total than SmartSteve.

If you agree to points #1-#3 above, than SmartSteve should cost more
Steve3 and that is the point we are trying to get across.  Yes there
be an increase in cost for going from 4 rows to 3 rows, but that
should not make the 3 row ship more expensive than a 4 row ship with the
extra hull the 3 row ship doesn't have.

> All my new designs, at whatever size and load out, will now have
> 3 rows of hull boxes instead of 4.  If I want more hull boxes,
> supposedly in that 4th row that you seem so fond of, I'll put
> them in the first 3 rows instead.  Those ships will not die any
> sooner than in a 4 row configuration; they have the same amount
> of hull.

But with your proposal, you can make a 4 row ship with more hull and
thus is
more survivable but it will cost less.

> We are not removing hull by reducing the rows from 4 to 3;
> we're moving the hull that would be in the 4th row to rows 1, 2,
> and 3.
> And for the cost increase of +1 per hull box for any particular
> design to go from 4 rows to 3 rows is way too cheap for what
> you get.  That's the point I'm trying to make.  I want it to be
> more expensive for a ship to have 3 hull rows vs 4 hull rows.
> Enough to give a designer pause.  The current cost increase
> does not, at least for two of us here.

BUT, if you agree that Steve4 and SmartSteve are pointed correctly, then
Steve3 has to cost less than SmartSteve.

Dean Gundberg

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