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RE: Traveller FT/DS/SG

From: "David Rodemaker" <dar@h...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 12:09:41 -0500
Subject: RE: Traveller FT/DS/SG

> > The only one that I haven't really examined was SG, so what have
> > done?
> I started doing a Traveller conversion for SG2 years ago. The variant
> on my web site. Tom Barclay looked at it and he was going to do a
> and more complete version, with that posted on My 
> understanding is that it's not there yet.
> I think the biggest problem you'll face with SG2 Traveller is that the
> system doesn't give you a very big span of dice values in which to fit
> of the tech levels.
> To be honest, if I was truly serious about playing Traveller style
> I'd try to get hold of the original Striker rules, or perhaps wait to
> what Striker 3 looks like (assuming it's not just a variant on Striker

I agree withy your comments here. Happily, you can get the Striker rules
one of Far Frontiers reprint books (not certain which number it is

> I just thought of a way to differentiate Tech:
> SG: if the difference in tech level is >2 and < 4 then shift 1 die
type in
> favor for the higher for Armor and Fire power.  If >4 then 2 die
> D12 goes to 2d8, then 2D10, etc.
> DS: >2 <4 then add one to armor and 1 chit to fire. >4 then +2 armor
and 2
> chits.
> Now to test this!

I look forward to seeing your comments on the playability. I'm not sure
armour would increase, I think a shift in die types would make more
Also you could keep in mind that at the 13/14+ tech level the armour of
troops is considerable - every Imperial marine is in power armour after
and carrying FGMP's or PGMP's - quite different from the GZG universe.
already provides for much of what Traveller contains, it's just focused
about TL10-12 and is 'optimized' for such.

An alternative might be to use something similar (though not too similar
since the die mechanics are different) to what I did for my FT game.
the various tech levels into 4-5 different categories [Spacecraft, Lo
Stellar, Average Steller, Hi Stellar, Advanced Stellar (16+)] and every
difference in level provides a +/-1 modifier to all die rolls with the
caveat that a 1 always misses and a 6 always hits...

It's a pretty non-granular system but seems to work ok - and the
range of values means that no matter what the tech level difference
still a decent chance that even a force made of spacecraft (TL6-8) will
able to hit Darrien patrol cruisers (TL16+).

I suspect that this is adaptable to SG, I'm just not sure how at the
- I have other things on my mind <g>.

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