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More in my world setting

From: <warbeads@j...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 18:53:17 -0500
Subject: More in my world setting

On Thu, 10 Jun 2004 15:41:36 -0700 (PDT) John Atkinson
<> writes:
>--- wrote:
>> PHR have mostly 4 or 3 with sizes ranging from 1 to
>> 5.  Standardization
>> is 'a goal'.
>I really dislike standardization.  Trying to
>consolidate too many roles on an all-singing,
>all-dancing single vehicle ends up with compromises
>like the Bradley which not completely awful at
>anything, but not really good at anything either.

When you have as many different types of vehicles as the PHR have in a
Battalion  -  (one Platoon (HMW unless noted) each of: SF300-307,
SF300-307a, DF-S13, Irregular 6 wheel, SF300-607, SF300-607a, SF300-602,
[GHQ M109A1 turret on tracked tank body], SF300-408, SF300-603,
("SGEV cavalry"), and SF-300-602a plus command vehicles and ADS
 you think of standardization as a 'good' thing or at least your
maintenance people do...

These guys are the Low End Low tech guys (limited to CFE and STL ships
due to 'embargo' by IC/ESU/Japan due to their chicanery on Earth.)

One vehicle type?  No.	But these guys are just the opposite.  Has
nothing to do with "Church Politics' at all.  <grin>  <VBG>  Remember
these guys call themselves Christian Communists.   LOL!  That is a clue
as to why they are where they are 'today'!

>> NPC run mostly size 4 to allow the organic infantry
>> in many of their
>> vehicles.  
>>	Fair numbers  of Infantry Walkers too.
>Size 4 is just too expensive per hull.  I have 1-2 BNs
>of those per first-line division, and 1 company per
>second-line division.

These guys are low tech  HMT types (that was one of the decisions that
led the 'traditionals' to move to the Southern Continent and distance
themselves from this "White Man's Pollution" and live separately.  Of
course they are kept out of "harm" from  opportunistic neighbor's by NAC
{support of NPC and $$}/NPC troops via treaty supported by UNSC
"observers" (gave the UNSC an excuse to be on planet.)	No research is
allowed on their lands except for the original 'quick and dirty'
Survey that found the system.  It's seen as "hunting and small
agricultural" land with no known major mineral reserves.

>> NEA mostly 1/2 or 5 (PA transporters with MDC/5. ) 
>WTF?  Why would you want to stick that much
>money/points in one hull?  You want it to do
>everything?  You can't fit a decent PDS on it, and you
>can't afford to stealth it at all. . . And at a
>minimum, no bells and whistles, it is running about
>the same as my size 3 medium grav tanks with stealth,
>basic PDS, maxed out firecon and ECM, and APFCs.  Oh,
>and an MDC/4 which is almost certain to punch size 5

I never said any of them (but especially NEA) were optimal.  I created
the doctrine (flawed intentionally in some cases) and designed the
from the doctrine.  The NEA has never fought anyone but the other people
on the planet.	And because of their small population they have not
fought unless they thought they could get a quick win and go to the
diplomatic route to cement their victories.  They have been wrong
obviously but not enough to question their doctrine/theory.

Background - There are seceral land masses on planet:  I use a schematic
to show relative land mass and relational location between groups;

North - NPC (7 "boxes" of land) lightly populated, much of the
is researchers and scientists

NW - NPC (9 boxes) - Moderately populated - light industry with a few
heavy industry (limited by policy to necessary military production)
plus Agricultural regions.

NE - 6 boxes over all moderate population with most living on the
half of the land mass.	Light Industry and Starship repair facility.

W - NPC (3 boxes) - dense (relative) population, Industrialized to a
moderate degree, Universities located here, Starship building capability
(small to medium ships) with NAC partnership.  Naval buiilding facility
(small - GEV /Hovercraft types) on West side of land mass.

Central PHR 3 boxes  densely populated (and growing with an average of
4.25 children per couple (and being single past age 21 is considered
'unseemly' for one of God's Chosen Ones.)  IC has 'bases' on the Land
Mass where 'armed observors' maintain the technological quarantine of
PHR - or at least try to do so.  Starport and starship (originally STL)
building facility present.  UNSC is allowed to maintain a limited
starport facilty there.

E - 6 Boxes - NEA - very 'technology can solve anything' and population
struggling to stay at replacement rates - population in 'pockets' but
average light to moderate in density.  FSe funded their colony but none
of their neighbors were/are happy to see them.

SW - 15 boxes; 5 to NPC, 5 to LLAR, middle 5 open to exploitation by
joint ventures and autonomously governed internally.  NPC light
population, LLAR moderate population.  LLAR have Naval and small
building facilities.

The NPC and LLAR have a treaty - you attack one on the SW continent and
you fight both.  You attack one anywhere else and  you will at least
the other diplomatically  and economically (trade is 'frozen' etc.)

SE 15 blocks - IC lightly populated but a large population in total. 
Starship repair facility present.

S - 11 blocks "closed to contact" This is the "Traditionals" moved. 
birth rate is counter balanced by lack of modern medicine and other
"White Devil Seductions" to some degree.  Popuklation is estimated to be
light but since no one does a census...

Welcome to Cotu.  paradise it ain't but it's "home" to a lot of people.



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