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(FT) beta variable hull rows

From: <bail9672@b...>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 11:50:56 -0400
Subject: (FT) beta variable hull rows

Steve is back in town so its ship designing time and lots of FT combat
for nearly two weeks.  While designing new ships, and seeing the
advantanges in combat of warships only having 3 hull rows, it seems to
me that the cost 3-row designs is too cheap at 3 per hull box.	It's
literally a "no-brainer" to make all new designs with 3 hull rows, and
mathematician Steve immediately went to 3-row hulls on his ships.  You
would think that a 50% increase in hull price would have some effect,
but it isn't actually 50%, more like 33% if you take the cost of the
initial hull cost into the equation (4-row: 1+2=3, 3-row: 1+3=4).

I think the price of 3-row hulls should increase to 4 per box.	This
may give ship designers some pause in the choice of the number of hull
rows.  But, I think people will still go with the 3 hull rows.

Or is this new-fangled combat cost rating system I hear rumors about
going to take this into account?


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