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RE: Mixed Technology Re: 15mm FCT/Kwa'Zulu pics - Saeed Khalifate, etc.

From: <Beth.Fulton@c...>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 08:59:02 +1000
Subject: RE: Mixed Technology Re: 15mm FCT/Kwa'Zulu pics - Saeed Khalifate, etc.


Brian was so enjoying reading the archives on the Stargate thread he
couldn't help but wade in on anotehr thread too ;)

Have fun


>>>>>>> Brian's message <<<<<<<
>> Every body here that has played the games I have run has made it a
>> point to close (if possible) to at least medium range for their
>> weapon system when facing HELs - and got away with it.

> That's when the DFFGs, GMS etc come in handy ;)

That observation seems to bear out John A's assertion that  a mixed
force beats a lopsided reliance on one weapon type.  I have to agree
with him, combined arms and a mix of weapons really do make sense, for
several reasons:

1.  Keeping your enemy guessing about what he'll face is always good. 
It means he has to prepare for any eventuality, and is less likely to be
able to develop a successful tactic or strategy that leans too heavily
in one direction, because he knows he'll be exposing his "technological
flank" to you.

2.  Any individual enemy vehicle designed to be well-defended against
all possible threats is going to either be very expensive or
undergunned.  Or both, if you're lucky.

3.  In a campaign setting, the more varied your forces, the more
versatile -- the force optimized for open terrain is going to be at a
disadvantage in an urban setting, and vice versa.  By having both in
reserve, you decrease your chances of bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Having said that, I can, for game purposes, see the validity in doing
some mental exercises: If, for whatever reason -- Scenario rules,
background flavor, whatever the case may be -- you must design a force
with certain restrictions, what would you do?  So, in light of the
current discussion, here are a few of my feelings:

1. If you had to assemble a force armed with only 1 specific direct-fire
weapon system (weapon and class), what would it be?

For me, the answer is simple:  The MDC 5.  Pound-for-pound, the
absolutely best combination of both range AND damage of any weapon in
the game, short of artillery.

2.  If you had to assemble a force wielding only "energy" weapons, what
would you do? (such as I am doing with my Goa'uld forces)

I think I'd follow Beth's example, and mix DFFG's and HEL's together --
if not on the same vehicle, or in the same platoon, then certainly
within	the overall force.  Each seems to be weak exactly where the
other is strong.

3.  If you were one of the above two forces facing the other, what would
you do?

A.  If I was the All-MDC force, I'd try to maintain the distance between
the forces, sniping at the HEL's first, trusting I could give better
than I got.

B.  If I were the Energy-Weapon force, I'd do my best to keep the enemy
busy with my HEL's at range, while trying to close with the DFFG's as
quickly as possible.

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