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[DS] Stargate

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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 08:28:03 +1000
Subject: [DS] Stargate


Here's a message from Brian B for you to comment on.



---------- Brian B Dirtisde Query ----------------------------------

"I ran across some Babylon 5 Wars fighter figures -- Centauri fighters,
I believe.  They have downswept wings that look like a crescent moon
from above, a sharply tapered cockpit/fuselage, and a very wide flat
tail.  They look a lot like a falcon or hawk, and I've decided to use
them as the basis for a 6mm "Stargate" force -- a la both the original
movie and the SG-1 show.  My aim is to make them reflect the show, and
as such, my force composition will intentionally have the flaws that the
forces in the show have -- namely poor range, a lack of weapon
diversity, etc.
Based on the nature of the "Energy" weapons (staffs, etc.,) that the
Go'auld (sp?) and their minions use, I figure that DFFG's replicate them
well -- bolts of explosive "energy", short range.  So this is what I
have so far:
Ja'far troops:	Veteran (Too poor of shots to merit elite, too
disciplined to merit green) regulars, each platoon consists of 8
elements: 1 APSW, 1 LADS, 6 assault.
Anubis-headed troops: Veteran PA, 4 stands, all rifle elements
Horus fighter: Class 3 fighter, armor 1, stealth 2, 2xDFFG 3
I've never seen any other combat vehicles in the show, so if anyone has
seen anything I'm missing, I'm open to suggestions
Bear in mind, this force is intended to replicate the show, and not be
tactically viable.
Brian B"

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